Create your own Corporate Running Team and set the groundwork for an active and healthy community!

Develop employee bonding through team training and invest in each individual by providing access to an active lifestyle.

Our training team is ready to coach and guide each employee according to their level through weekly group training sessions safely and effectively.

Participate as a Corporate Running Team in local races and give your employee-runners the opportunity to represent you with joy by running as a team!


Transform a space from your offices into a Corporate Gym and give your employees the opportunity for exercise, wellness and recreation!

Our team consists of distinguished coaches who can design for each of your employees the best training plan to achieve their goals.

We provide individual and group training programs with an emphasis on safety, effectiveness and helping employees achieve their health and fitness goals.

Programs can include classes such as (Yoga, Pilates, TRX, Cross Training, HIIT, Stretching) and more.


Considering the multiple benefits of Outdoor Training, both for performance and recreation, we have created a complete program of activities that is ideal for corporate use!

The program includes classes such as (Yoga Pilates, TRX, Functional Training, HIIT etc.) with the use of additional equipment such as (Battle Ropes, Slam Balls, Speed Ladder, Bosu, Kettlebell, Dumbbells, Bands etc.)


Workout at any time of the day, wherever you are!

Give your employees the opportunity to exercise online whether they are on the company premises, working from home, on a business trip or even outdoors.

Sessions can be: Individual & Small Group, Live Streaming, On Demand Video.

Each employee - athlete will be able to choose between different courses such as (Yoga, Pilates, Cross Training, HIIT, Stretching) and according to individual preferences, needs and fitness level.


Corporate Fitness Assessments aims to motivate employees to lead an active lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating!

With a series of specialized tests we measure specific physiological functions of the body that affect sports performance and improving physical condition.

With this process we can measure the special characteristics of each person and having a complete picture of the physical condition we can set training and nutritional goals that fully respond to each employee - athlete.