Here you will find my programs so you can follow a complete training plan!

Release date: October 2020

12 Days Weights Only

A complete program that focuses on strength! With this program in 12 days you will strengthen arms, abs, upper body, chest, back, shoulders. This program is suitable for exercise at home and you can perform it with only a fitness mat and two dumbbells.

Release date: October 2020

3 Weeks Low Impact

3 weeks program that includes exercises specially designed for those who have sensitivity in the neck, back and knees!

Release date: September 2020

15 Days Cut Training

Lose fat and keep it off! A 15 day program that will help you lose weight and gain the desired weight. The program includes exercises with body weight without equipment and you can do it at home or in a gym!

Release date: August 2020

Abs & Legs in 2 Weeks

This program lasts 2 weeks and it is for abs, legs and fat burning! In some of the videos there are exercises with dumbbells, if you do not have them available at home, you can do the exercises with 2 bottles of water or anything else between 2 to 5 kilos!

Release date: July 2020

21 Days Stay Active Challenge

This program lasts 21 days and aims to exercise the back, chest, shoulders, arms and abs! You don’t need any equipment only a fitness mat and you can do the program at home or in the gym!