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Exercising without any guidance can soon lead to serious injuries and without the desired result. Exercise in general is a way of relaxation but should be carefully planned so that you achieve each goal you have target!

Having both the know-how and the long experience we are here to find the program that suits you right!

Below are some of the programs we provide during this time, contact us or book your first course here

HIIT Training | Online

Lose weight by doing an aerobic exercise program from home!

High-Intensity Interval Training includes short bursts of intense exercise alternating with periods of low-intensity recovery.

One of the biggest benefits of HIIT is that you can get the most out of exercise in no time!

This program lasts 45 minutes and is ideal for fitness with friends!

Body Shape | Online Training

One of my best programs for muscle toning and strengthening, suitable for everyone and without equipment!

This program is designed for online fitness so you can do it anywhere at any time of the day.

The program includes a wide variety of exercises to exercise the whole body effectively.

Book the first date immediately and in a few weeks you will see your body change!

This program is made with online video and lasts 45 minutes.

ReShape | Online Workout

A unique program is starting and I think you will like it as much as the rest of my programs!

Now you can work out with me wherever you are but even better than the comfort of your own home.

Train at any time of the day and create a program to your needs to reach your goal!

With this program you do not need to waste time in crowded gyms but you can have your trainer by closing a workout with him.

The duration of each lesson is 45 minutes so that you do not waste a single minute more than your time!

Full Body Workout | Online

Try one of the best programs for strengthening & muscle toning, suitable for everyone. In this program there are exercises with body weight that effectively train all muscle groups.

Make your space a small private gym and exercise with your friends, each group can be from one to four people.

This program includes exercises without equipment and can be done at home or in the office!

Prices for each extra person in the groups have a 25% discount

Outdoor Running

Outdoor Running is an easy and enjoyable way to stay fit while training outdoors. We design the right program for you according to your level, providing on a daily basis the support you need to make each of your workouts unique.

The program is monthly and includes:

Daily guidance
1 group training / month
1 rating / month
Road exercises
Rehabilitation exercises
Stretching exercises
Nutrition tips

Follow our hints & tips faithfully and run a short distance of 5 or 10km.

TRX Functional Training | Online

A program exclusively using the TRX method. This program includes exercises for tightening the legs & strengthening the torso as well as exercises for toning the abs.

Set up your own gym in a small private gym and work out alone or with friends. Each group can be from one to four people.

A basic condition is to have the necessary equipment and it can be done at home or in the office.

Find out on my website about the course packages per month and take advantage of the preferential prices!


A short abdominal course but very effective. If you do not have enough time and you want a tight belly then this is a program that suits you perfectly.

Such a course is very effective and can easily be included in our daily schedule as it lasts only 30 minutes.

The first results are especially evident after 2-3 lessons so if you are looking for an incentive to start exercising once you have found the right lesson for you!

Stretching & Flexibility | Online

A course aimed at developing flexibility and improving flexibility. This course is specially tailored to meet all your needs and is ideal for people who have back, neck or knee pain.

This program aims to improve flexibility, recovery and overall recovery from injuries.

It is essential two to three times a week to include such a program in our training so as to maintain our flexibility but also to prevent any injuries.